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This is the best analysis I have seen by any Flames writer. No one else in the Flames media can take data and make it make sense to the die hard Flames fan. I wish you were still at the Athletic with Darren Haynes. Your guys coverage was outstanding. Keep up the great work!

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Now is probably the best time to try Bennett at C with Gaudreau. Bennett attacks the middle of the ice with speed which would help Gaudreau with zone entries, as it would push the defenders off the blueline. Bennett is also capable of gaining the offensive zone himself, making it harder for teams to key on Gaudreau. Bennett can dig pucks out of the corner, if they do need to play dump and chase.

Going into an expansion draft it would also be nice to have some clarity on what exactly Bennett is as an NHL player.

Now I fully understand that there are significant flaws to pairing Gaudreau and Bennett together, but I think a lot of what Bennett does well, fits nicely with trying to open up ice to try and allow Gaudreau to do what he does well.

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